Skycat Software

Skycat Software is an indie software development team that currently develop software as a hobby. Projects currently being developed by the team include video games, computer applications, AI programs, and this website.


Skycat Software was officially founded in 2023 when the team, consisting of three developers, broke off from Starlight Software. Prior to breaking off, the group that would eventually form Skycat Software started working on individual projects, however the only project that was completed and released before separation was Droplets, an arcade style video game.


Various projects and software developed by the Skycat Software team.


Droplets Image

A relaxing arcade style game where you dodge raindrops as Flambe, a small ball of fire. Droplets is also the first project released by a Skycat Software developer.

Video Game

An online tool that allows you to encode text using an inputted string or text file as a key to encode or decode the text.



Space Game

A 3D space game that is currently being developed by multiple Skycat Software team members.

Video Game


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